Gonna Write a Little

I guess I was inspired. It’s funny how I write short stories, Haikus, and poetry in my head, but rarely write them down. I saw a picture of a forest and instantly wanted to sit down & write.

So here’s a little about Fall:

The summer fades away,
A surge of weather adds rain and wind
Reminding everyone that a new season is upon us.
I shall miss summer, but a crisp morning brings me so much joy
That I can’t complain.


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Not Much To See Here

I set up my WordPress account, but really haven’t blogged. Sure, there’s tons to say and my head’s always buzzing with thoughts & ideas. I just don’t know if I should take the time to share them all.

I have read some blogs recently and gotta admit that they were inspiring. But am I inspired enough to write more? Stay tuned.

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