Everyone Loves Christmas #NewToys (Fans Ready for New Wolves)

It won’t be long. Soon, Wolves fan will get to see their new toys. This offseason, the Wolves added a lot of new players and fans are excited. Zach LaVine was added via the 2014 NBA Draft and Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, Thaddeus Young were added as the Wolves jettisoned ready-to-go forward Kevin Love.

Though gaining 3 potentials for a proven players and two possible rising star (guard Alexey Shved and forward Luc Mbah a Moute) might be negative for some, most Wolves fans had one thought about KLove:

  • If you want to leave, go!

When you look at that thought, getting anything was worth it.

Besides two #1 draft picks, the Wolves get a 6.3 million dollar trade exception and get some younger, cheaper talent. And that’s nothing! The best part is the Wolves fan get a chance for team harmony and chemistry, and most important of all, get many happy fans.

Merry Christmas, indeed. Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good Dunks After Dark night! (http://www.nba.com/timberwolves/dunks-after-dark)

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No Love or Respect – 3 Weeks Later

Well, the All-Star Break has come & gone with only Maya Moore representing the local basketball teams that play next door to Target Field.

The trade talk continues and rumors are just whispers (nowadays tweets) that go on into the night with no results. Since the NBA Draft, Love’s been quiet himself and I don’t think he’s been spotted in Boston again.

He’s been quiet on Twitter as well. He’s tweeted about Isaiah Austin (#ClassyMoveNBA), shows his RE2PECT for Derek Jeter, & seems to like Rory winning .

This is a lost summer for Kevin in the public eye. I suppose he’s being classy by not talking, but he’s also not showing a lot of love or respect the the organization or the fans that have supported him during his Pro career.

It’s sad, but seems to be a clear sign that an unfelt “Thank You, Minnesota” is coming.

I only see the lost opportunity. If I could talk to Kevin Love, I’d say, “Duuuuuude! You missed the All-Star Game? What are you thinking? You should’ve been there!”

Instead he’s gone….or is he?

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Draft Irony

The 2014 NBA Draft featured a glorious higlight and disheartening lowlight. And oddly enough, the two moments are forever linked in my mind and heart.

The highlight is a man getting to hear his named called. The lowlight was a man hearing his named called. Both men bowed their heads in a moment where each baller was swirling in the moment.

The pictures are courtesy of ESPN who broadcasted the Draft and to Ben Golliver & SBNation who took pictures from it. Here are the tweets that captured the draftee’s reactions:

  • ‏@BenGolliver  · Jun 26
    Zach LaVine to the Timberwolves! pic.twitter.com/qeliuD8zeH
  • @SBNation  · Jun 26
    Touching, beautiful moment as the NBA “selected” Isaiah Austin in spite of his career-ending condition: https://vine.co/v/Mt9j0QqALEw

It’s so amazing to compare two players on their “dream” day and both having the day go differently than they expected. It’s too bad LaVine’s reaction was so negative. Luckily, the NBA did the right thing at the end of the First Round.

A Sloth of Bruins?

What do you call a group of Bears? That’s actually a valid question with the drafting of Zach LaVine.

Thanks to the LA Times for pointing out another irony on Draft night. The Minnesota Bruins, aka Minneapolis, is where Bears become Wolves. It’s very interesting to see the things Love & LaVine have in common (other than LVE in both names). Yet, publicly, checking yesterday, Love & LaVine don’t follow each on Twitter and in fact, there’s been no tweet between the two. But, they do have a lot in common: Both follow fellow ex-Bruin Shabazz Muhammad.

Thanks to LA Times & the Oxford Dictionary:
I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

Howl on,

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Gonna Write a Little

I guess I was inspired. It’s funny how I write short stories, Haikus, and poetry in my head, but rarely write them down. I saw a picture of a forest and instantly wanted to sit down & write.

So here’s a little about Fall:

The summer fades away,
A surge of weather adds rain and wind
Reminding everyone that a new season is upon us.
I shall miss summer, but a crisp morning brings me so much joy
That I can’t complain.


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Not Much To See Here

I set up my WordPress account, but really haven’t blogged. Sure, there’s tons to say and my head’s always buzzing with thoughts & ideas. I just don’t know if I should take the time to share them all.

I have read some blogs recently and gotta admit that they were inspiring. But am I inspired enough to write more? Stay tuned.

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