No Love or Respect – 3 Weeks Later

Well, the All-Star Break has come & gone with only Maya Moore representing the local basketball teams that play next door to Target Field.

The trade talk continues and rumors are just whispers (nowadays tweets) that go on into the night with no results. Since the NBA Draft, Love’s been quiet himself and I don’t think he’s been spotted in Boston again.

He’s been quiet on Twitter as well. He’s tweeted about Isaiah Austin (#ClassyMoveNBA), shows his RE2PECT for Derek Jeter, & seems to like Rory winning .

This is a lost summer for Kevin in the public eye. I suppose he’s being classy by not talking, but he’s also not showing a lot of love or respect the the organization or the fans that have supported him during his Pro career.

It’s sad, but seems to be a clear sign that an unfelt “Thank You, Minnesota” is coming.

I only see the lost opportunity. If I could talk to Kevin Love, I’d say, “Duuuuuude! You missed the All-Star Game? What are you thinking? You should’ve been there!”

Instead he’s gone….or is he?

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